Polygamy can turn into a tragedy sometimes! Just imagine three senior women from the same husband dying one after one the same year, just because their common husband married a teenager suffering from HIV fews years ago, in the nearest village of our capital city. The misfortune husband also died finally but his youngest lady is still alive but the grown up children of the deceased senior women is not happy with her as she made them became orphans while their kids are in needs of their grand-parents with whom they used to spend their holidays. The whole matter is that the decease women were not aware the youngest wife of their husband ‘s wife sexual heath were threatened by HIV, if not they would have protect themselves or could have left with her forever. All of them were married for at least 30 years ago when their husband suddenly decided to marry a teenager, all of them were old now and of course, he imposed them his fourth wife, their source of tragedy. Such a situation brings lots of questions on mind. Was the youngest wife aware that she was sick and just decided to destroy the family? If so, for what purpose? If not, why does she still go out with young men as she knows now that she has HIV? How many people does she intend to kill again, as nurses have no right to reveal her serology to people. How we cope with such a tragedy?


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